6 Best Baby Christening Gifts – Baptism Gifts

6 Best Baby Christening Gifts - Baptism Gifts

You know why it's quite tricky to choose baby gifts? Well, it's because you're buying something for the baby that the parents — especially the mother — might like. Yes! So technically, you're getting something that the parents will like. Since you're about to attend a baby Christening, it becomes even more challenging to choose what gift you're going to get. Well, let us help you out as we have already chosen the 6 best baby Christening gifts for babies.

Heartfelt Gifts Baby Christening Baptism Gift Set: Best Baby Christening Gifts

Heartfelt Gifts Baby Christening Baptism Gift Set

If you're not sure what's the appropriate gift for a Christening of a baby, then we suggest that you get a baby Christening gift set instead. The family will surely like at least one of the items you have given for the baby. This baby Christening gift set comes with a cute plushee lamb, a rosary box with a rosary, and a book of prayers.

The lamb is a great rattle stuffed animal with a lovely cross embroidered right across the chest. The rattle produces a gentle sound that won't startle the baby when you use it to play with them. You will love the rosary box as well that has an engraved 'Bless the Child' in front. It is spacious so you can fit your rosary inside. Furthermore, the prayer book contains 41 prayers for your child.

His or Her First Bible Book: Best Baby Christening Gifts

His or Her First Bible Book

This is a beautiful gift to give to any child. The baby won't be able to articulate and appreciate it immediately. Eventually, the baby will surely enjoy it when the parents read it to them. A baby's first Bible is a significant aspect of establishing a healthy Christian living for any child. And this is a great start.

The book is very colorful. It contains simplified versions of major biblical stories in the Bible. In fact, the parents would also love using the book as the child grows since it is filled with beautiful and colorful pictures on every page. We do recommend that you get this as a baby Baptism gift from godparents or even just as an invited guest.​

We have included the following links for both baby Bible Baptism gift for girls and another for a baby boy baptism gift.

Sweet Rocking Horse Crib Medal for Baby: Best Baby Christening Gifts

Sweet Rocking Horse Crib Medal for Baby

Sometimes, there are gifts that we get merely as a lovely keepsake. This adorable crib medal is a Baptism gift for baby girls and boys. The medal is stainless steel, and it also comes with subtle glittered areas on the rocking horse.

This medal is a beautiful decoration to add to the nursery with a simple prayer engraved on the medal saying, 'Dear God, protect me as I sleep and play through the night and every day.' While the medal itself isn't too heavy, you still need to keep it secured on the crib and not over your baby or even try and attach it to a crib mobile. Anyway, this cute baby Baptism gift for baby comes in two different glitter colors and ribbon depending on the baby's gender.

We've included the links to both rocking horse crib medals for boys and girls. Check them out.

Demdaco Musical Water Globe, Jesus Loves Me: Best Baby Christening Gifts

Demdaco Musical Water Globe, Jesus Loves Me

One of the things that babies will surely adore is music. Listening is one of their keenest senses, and one of the best things you can do is find a great item that will surely make the baby respond. We recommend this beautiful musical globe. It's not only a great decoration to add to a baby's nursery but it is also a perfect baby Christening gift since the melody it plays is 'Jesus Loves Me.'

The Musical Globe is beautifully crafted with an intricate cross at the foothold. The globe is made of glass and resin. The family of the child will surely love it since it is a gift that they can use not just for the baby's first year, but for the years more to come. It's a great keepsake that will be treasured, for sure.

Mud Pie Baby Classic Keepsakes Silver-Plate Rattle: Best Baby Christening Gifts

Mud Pie Baby Classic Keepsakes Silver-Plate Rattle

If you are wondering what great baby Baptism gift would be, then maybe you'll like this decorative baby rattle. At first glance, it looks like a doorknob. But kidding aside, the rattle is a beautiful, elegant gift. It has a gorgeous intricate design that we would love to keep as a memorabilia. The rattle is quite small (2 inches wide and 4 inches long), and it's a perfect fit for baby's tiny hands. It has an embossed cross on both ends with beaded borders around it. You will love that it comes with a sturdy acrylic box, so you don't have to worry around wrapping it up. This is a decorative keepsake that will surely be a great memento for any child.

GiftsForYouNow - Baby Baptism Engraved Photo Cube: Best Baby Christening Gifts

GiftsForYouNow - Baby Baptism Engraved Photo Cube

One of the best baby Baptism gifts from godparents would be something that is personalized. This is a cute baby Baptism gift since you can customize the photo cube. The photo cube is made of wood and the supplier will be engraving the top face with the baby's name and the date of Baptism. We love that the cube has four windows for different pictures. The cube windows feature a 2.5 in by 2.5 inches photo. It is also an excellent baby Baptism favor gift to give out to the guests of your baby's Baptism. Anyway, we do love this as one of the best baby Christening gifts since it is a simple decorative memento of a baby's significant day.

Here are other baby Baptism gift ideas that might also give you an idea of what other gift choices to give:

  • Baby Christening Blanket and clothes
  • Baby books related to God and God's love
  • Baby's First Rosary
  • Baby Baptism jewelry like baptism pins, medals, crosses, or even guardian angles
  • Baby Christening mementos

Angel Themed and Lamb Themed Gift: Best Baby Christening Gifts

What if I am not a religious person, how can I pick an appropriate baby Christening gift?

If you're not comfortable choosing gifts with crucifixes and rosaries, then you can get baby clothes that are white in color. In addition, you can also select any gift that is angel-inspired. Remember that the gift is for welcoming a new member of the church. So as much as possible, try to stick to a theme of buying gifts in the colors of white or inspired by angels and lambs.

In conclusion, the best baby Christening gifts are items that are meant to commemorate a significant event. This is a time when the child is welcomed into the Christian world. Consequently, choosing an appropriate gift for the Christening of a baby is particularly important. It is all about getting a gift that you will surely remember the time the child was baptized.

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