6 Best Honeymoon Lingerie for Women

6 Best Honeymoon Lingerie for Women

The wedding isn't the only thing you're planning for. And with so many things on your hand and unchecked to-do-list in your wedding planning journal, it's not surprising that you might forget to plan some of the important details for your honeymoon. In particular, have you purchased the best honeymoon lingerie? This is the sweetest of all trips you'll be taking as a couple. Now is the time to shop for the best honeymoon lingerie.

So, let us give you a hand in making choices for your honeymoon as well. For our more voluptuous plus size brides out there, we have dedicated an entire article just for you, check out our list of best lingerie for plus size brides.

Lingerie is one of the best confidence boosters for women, and special lingerie is worn on special occasions. Actually, the reason why you wear the best honeymoon lingerie is for you to be connected to your more sensual side for the delight of your partner as well. This is especially important on your honeymoon. With this in mind, we have gathered some helpful tips on choosing the best honeymoon lingerie for you.

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    Choose what's comfortable for the best honeymoon lingerie. Wearing the right honeymoon lingerie for women is all about feeling great about yourself. Narrow your list down to lingerie that you find yourself wearing and not something daring that you'll end up feeling uncomfortable in.
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    Know what you're wearing on top. Some newlyweds already wear lingerie under their clothes. If you are going to change into a lingerie, then you can choose longer chemises or kimono type. When you are wearing it under clothes, you can choose tight-fitting lingerie or more comfortable textures like satin and silk.
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    Color choice. Most brides often want white-colored lingerie for honeymoons but in all honesty, it easily gets dirty, and it holds on to stain just after a few uses. Oftentimes men also don't find white-colored lingerie particularly attractive; bolder colors catch more of their attention. Mindful of that, we do suggest that you get brighter, bolder colored honeymoon lingerie for women.
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    Picking the right bra size and bra type. This is one of the most important aspects of wearing the perfect lingerie. Know your real bra size. Picking out a lingerie with bigger bust sizes proves to destroy your sex appeal.
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    Feel free to explore. Don't be afraid to explore. Wearing the best honeymoon lingerie is also about impressing your man. You can wear more daring lingerie and even fun-filled role play lingerie that will spark a wonderful kick-start to your honeymoon.

With ease of shopping in mind, we picked out various best honeymoon lingerie sets for you that are readily available online.

Goodbee Sexy Bandage Lace Temptation Lingerie Set: Best Honeymoon Lingerie

Goodbee Sexy Bandage Lace Temptation Lingerie Set

Although we suggest that you choose bolder colored lingerie, we know that some brides would still love to wear lingerie as an extension of their weddings. If you are one of them, then this is an excellent choice for you. You will love this full lace two-piece lingerie set for honeymoon because of how intricate the details are. The lingerie shows a very delicate yet sexy part of you. The bra and the panty are both made of hand-cut scalloped lace trims. The décor is hollowed out, giving a more voluptuous sex appeal that your new spouse would love seeing in you.

Zexxxy Women Sexy 2-Piece Lingerie Lace Bikini Set: Best Honeymoon Lingerie

Zexxxy Women Sexy 2 Piece Lingerie Lace Bikini Set

Some women often think that lingerie is all about exposure, but it's actually all about looking cute and feeling confident about yourself. This is one women's lingerie for honeymoon that does offer quite a great deal of exposure and will surely open you up to your more sensual side. You will love the texture since it's made of cotton and chinlon, and that makes it a beautiful fit and feels great under your clothing. The details of both bra and panty are quite exquisite too. Not only is it sexy, but it's also pretty elegant. It hugs you right in the perfect places and still provides the perfect lingerie fit and feel for you and your spouse. It's available in purple, black, white, and blue.

Ruzishun Sexy Lingerie White Lace Nightwear: Best Honeymoon Lingerie

Ruzishun Sexy Lingerie White Lace Nightwear

Chemises are extremely popular honeymoon lingerie for women. We love this particular chemise lingerie set because it is both demure and sexy. There might be some women who try on wearing lingerie for the first time and feel quite uneasy about it. However, this is the perfect starter for you. This honeymoon lingerie set for women is made of lace and polyester. It does offer a bit of breast support but not necessarily pushing your girls up. However, it does bring your busts together making you look more desirable. The chemise comes with a matching G-string. Also, you will love that the chemise has a sultry scalloped trim with a cute ribbon belt right under your bust. Sheer yet innocent, this beauty is the perfect mix for a honeymoon women's lingerie.

Tloowy Sexy Lace Lingerie Sheer Babydoll Sleepwear: Best Honeymoon Lingerie

Tloowy Sexy Lace Lingerie Sheer Babydoll Sleepwear

This is a lingerie that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable for you and sultry for your hubby. Don't worry about not wearing a bra underneath your lingerie; it's quite a great sensual appeal for your husband. You will love this lingerie nightwear for honeymoon because it's super comfy and breezy. This is a great sultry nightgown made completely of soft lace. Moreover, it is sheer showing off all of your parts. We also love the G-string. A lot of lingerie sets only come with a simple G-string, but this panty shows off intricate details that we really adore.

Beluring Chemise Babydoll Sleepwear Lingerie: Best Honeymoon Lingerie

Beluring Chemise Babydoll Sleepwear Lingerie

Babydoll lingerie chemise is a favorite among women, that's because it is the perfect mix between sultry and innocent. We like this babydoll chemise in particular since it does offer a bit more coverage yet enough transparency for a beautiful, sensual appeal. This is also quite elegant and classy for women who just got married. While honeymoon lingerie for women doesn't have to be about sexuality all the time, this is perfect for those who feel comfortable in more coverage but still want to look cute and sexy. We love that the bodice features lace for the bust and soft chiffon bodice. It has a nice ribbon detail right under the bust, as well as a lovely halter string.

Halter Lace Naughty Strappy Bondage Sexy Lingerie: Best Honeymoon Lingerie

Halter Lace Naughty Strappy Bondage Sexy Lingerie

If you and your hubby are daring and more playful, you will love this women's lingerie for honeymoon. This strappy sexy lingerie offers maximum sex appeal. We do like that it is a roleplay inspired lingerie featuring a cute naughty maid uniform that provides a great thrill for you and your hubby. It is a one piece lingerie made of soft, comfy mesh with a gentle ruffling all around this bikini-type lingerie for honeymoon. This also comes with an adorable ribbon that your hubby would love to untie. It does come with cute lace goggles and sexy handcuffs too. If you like to be daring, then this is the perfect honeymoon lingerie for women that you'd want to get.

In summary, picking out the best honeymoon lingerie for women is not just about what you might like, but you also have to consider what your hubby may adore as well. Since lingerie is for both of you and whether you're going for a more daring or a more demure women's lingerie for honeymoon, then go for it. Indeed, it's a great way of enjoying your alone time on your honeymoon.