5 Best Wedding Veils – Different Types of Bridal Veils

5 Best Wedding Veils - Different Types of Wedding Veils

To wear or not to wear? A wedding veil happens to be seen as one of the most important parts of a bride's wardrobe. While some brides prefer to skip it, most would still prefer to wear one no matter how long or short it is. In fact, some think that a veil is singularly vital. So, brides, we have chosen the best wedding veils for you. The burden of going from shop to shop will ultimately be lighter. There will be less hassle in purchasing things separately. But before we go to that, here are some interesting wedding veil tips that you might like to adopt on your wedding.

Types of Wedding Veils

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    Chapel veil. Here is the type of veil that we are familiar with and some can go as long as the aisle. Until now the chapel veil is still commonly used by brides.
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    Non-traditional veil. This usually refers to Juliet caps, cage wedding veils, colored wedding veils. These wedding veils are typically shorter and made with other fabrics like caged netting or other textured veils.
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    Boho drop veil. Here is is a more modern boho-inspired look where the veil looks like it easily just floats over your head.
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    Non-veil wedding veils. Sounds kind of ironic, right? But yes, a lot of brides nowadays have also opted to skip the wedding veil. They use bridal accessories instead. For instance, some wear hats. while others wear wreaths of flowers over their heads.

The lowdown in wearing a wedding veil

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    The modernized touch. Usually, adding colors like a beautiful hairpin or a bedazzled wedding veil would be a nice touch. However, don't overdo it since it may look like a complete mismatch. Especially for boho-inspired weddings, you may want to add a simple hair vine over your wedding veil to add pizzazz to a simple white veil.
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    Keep it natural. There are brides who wear a veil coupled with jewelry pieces that were handed down by mom. Well, be sure to maintain the veil as it is and don't dye it at all. Even if the color is a bit off from your wedding, the veil itself add character to your bridal wardrobe.
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    Wedding veil embellishments. Generally, you don't have to choose a wedding veil that matches your dress. You only have to make sure they complement each other and consider the length at which the embellishments start. It's better to use a wedding veil where the embellishments and the dress are of different lengths.
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    Blushers. If you are wearing a blusher, make sure it is long enough to put over your head. You want to have a hassle-free kiss-the-bride moment, don't you? If you are wearing a non-traditional veil that just covers your face, keep in mind that it should end just right by the bridge of your nose. You do not want your lipstick sticking to the veil and scattering it over your face, right? If not, choose a birdcage with a stiffer material to keep it away from your face.
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    Full-day wedding veil. If you're planning on wearing your veil throughout the day, it's best if you choose a wedding veil that is light and something that you can move around in easily. Otherwise, pick out a wedding veil that can easily be removed like wedding veils attached using pins and combs.

Here are some of the best wedding veils Amazon has in store for you.

George Bride Simple Elegent Lace Appliques Wedding Veil: Best Wedding Veils

Simple Elegent Lace Appliques Wedding Veil

Here is a very classy wedding veil that will surely complement any wedding dress. We especially love that it is made of a high-quality net. In addition, the hem features a delicately embroidered applique. Note that the veil comes with a comb for easy attachment. In addition, it is very light and flowy, making it a great wedding veil to use throughout the reception. What's great about it is that it can be tweaked. It can easily be dyed to match your wedding dress — especially if your wedding dress is an off-white or creamier colored wedding gown. The veil is particularly suitable for a Spanish Mantilla style wear, and it is an excellent choice for a chapel wedding too.

EllieHouse Short Lace Wedding Bridal Veil With Comb: Best Wedding Veils

EllieHouse Short Lace Wedding Bridal Veil With Comb

If you want the unveiling of the wedding veil moment for your husband to finally kiss you, this is a great choice. We especially love the simplicity of this wedding veil since it barely contrasts any of your wedding gown's décor. The veil comes with a beautiful floral applique at its hem. It is made of mesh, and it is virtually see-through so it does offer great visual for you as you walk down the aisle. This wedding veil also comes with a comb so you can easily put it on your tresses. To sum it up, this is a beautiful voluminous wedding veil for you if you want to keep it on until the day ends.

ElieHouse Custom Made Sequins Chapel Wedding Bridal Veil: Best Wedding Veils

ElieHouse Custom Made Sequins Chapel Wedding Bridal Veil

Now, our list would never be complete without a wedding veil that flows after you as you walk down the aisle. Here is a beautiful one-tier wedding veil that runs a total length of 138 inches. It has a 2-tier wedding veil style for the precious unveiling moment of your wedding ceremony. In particular, we love this because of the sheer elegance of it. It is markedly classy and divine, featuring a beautiful lace scalloped hemline. Note that the hem has a generous amount of crystallized beading making it sparkle under the beautiful lights of your wedding ceremony. It already comes with a comb to help you attach it to your hair.

Bueer Flower Wreath Headband Crown Floral Wedding Veil: Best Wedding Veils

Bueer Flower Wreath Headband Crown Floral Wedding Veil

Boho style wedding veils are getting more fashionable and trendier by the day. Here is a beautiful boho-look wedding veil with a lovely greenery wreath and cute silk flowers positioned at both sides of your head. This is a beautiful headdress with a simple trail of veil attached to it. We love that it is nature-inspired and that the wreath features a vine-like wreath smoothly connected to your wedding veil. Moreover, the soft light-colored flowers are beautiful additions to the veil. This, however, does not allow you to have that unveiling moment but it is nonetheless a beautiful boho wedding veil.

Elegant Ivory Tulle Birdcage Wedding Veil Headwear: Best Wedding Veils

Elegant Ivory Tulle Birdcage Wedding Veil Headwear

Birdcage wedding veils are gaining popularity, especially for more casual weddings. We love this because it is chic and simple and would work perfectly with a shorter wedding dress. It is a lovely veil with cute drops of simulated pearls on top adding a great deal of character and pizzazz. This veil is very versatile since you can pair it with a beautiful tiara or headpiece that will easily work well with your wedding veil. You can position it any way you want and reposition it for different looks during your ceremony and reception. This birdcage wedding veil is made of soft tulle. If it is too long, you can just trim it as you wish.

Wedding veils are especially vital for most brides. And wearing the best wedding veils that matches your dress is one of the key aspects of a perfect bridal wardrobe. All things considered, picking out great wedding veils is pretty costly when getting it from a bridal shop. Also, going online might take a while for you to skim and find the perfect one. Keeping in mind the importance of your time and your budget, we only chose the best and most affordable wedding veils for you.

Aside from these best wedding veils and bridal veils, you'll also find veil and gown preservation kits. Then there are the best bridal combs and hair accessories. Of course, the selections are particularly gorgeous!