6 Best Flower Girl Dresses

6 Best Flower Girl Dresses

One of the most important roles in weddings is the flower girl. Well, it's not that their role is entirely necessary, but they are traditionally great parts to fill in a typical wedding. So now that you have chosen your flower girl or girls, you need to pick out the cutest and the best flower girl dresses, right? Before we get to that, let's do a flower girl 101 to see if you did fill up the role with the right girls.

How many flower girls do I need?
You don't need a massive army of little girls scattering flower petals, do you? You can go for a minimum of one and a maximum of around four little girls to fill the role. It would also depend on just how many important girls you have in your life like your niece of your fiancee's sister.

Is there an age limit in choosing a flower girl?
Technically, the role of a flower girl is intended for, well, little girls. Young girls aged three to eight are perfect flower girls; however, some do choose flower girls that are about ten years old. Otherwise, any other girl older than that are already junior bridesmaids and not flower girls.

Are there other roles a flower girl can do?
You don't always have to follow the conventional role of flower girls which is to scatter flower petals along the way. The thing is, they only spread around a few petals at a time and can look a bit of a mess anyway, so you can have them do other things like blow bubbles-which they would find fun — hold a pomander or scatter candies or confetti. Some brides even have the flower girls hold their long bridal veil or train.

We've chosen some of the best flower girl dresses Amazon has in store to narrow your search down.

Topmaker Flower Girl Dress, Lace Dress: Best Flower Girl Dresses

Topmaker Flower Girl Dress, Lace Dress

This is an adorable and expensive looking dress. We love that it's made of a polyester underlay and a beautiful full body lace pattern. The dress is also light which makes it easy for the girls to move around. We also find this a perfect flower girl dress for a boho or outdoor weddings.

The dress features ¾ sleeves with a beautiful finished scalloped trim at the sleeve ends and dress hem. The dress uses beautiful flower lace patterns all the way from the top to bottom. You will love that you have plenty of sizes to choose from and can also have the dress be custom fitted for your girls. Another thing we like about it is that it comes with a beautiful flower headband as an accessory.

iEfiel Kids Wedding Party Darling Flower Dress: Best Flower Girl Dresses

iEfiel Kids Wedding Party Darling Flower Dress

Flower girls are incomplete without flowers, so why not have them wear a dress that comes with beautiful flowers and flower petals? This is an adorable flower girl dress for small girls and big ones too.

The dress is quite simple but very chic for your little princesses. The bodice has a solid color satin with a silk ribbon and flower belt. The skirt is a beautiful flowy tulle in three layers with a hem of scattered flower petals. The dress uses a zipper enclosure while the belt has its separate velcro closure at the back. You will love that you can choose from over 20 colors of dresses which are perfect for any wedding.

Kids Ruffles Lace Party Wedding Dresses: Best Flower Girl Dresses

Kids Ruffles Lace Party Wedding Dresses

There is nothing more adorable on a little flower girl than this beautiful princess dress. The first impression we have on this dress is fantastic! It is a beautiful pick for your flower girls especially if they do cover wide age differences.

Every little girl dreams of becoming a princess and this dress is a wonderful choice. It is 100% cotton blend; the bodice features a line of cotton flowers nicely patterned throughout the sleeveless top. It then comes with a nice cotton ribbon belt that is tied in a knot at the back. The skirt itself is an excellent feature because it uses thin flower layered tulle design. They also have 16 color choices ranging from bold deep colors to gentle lighter tones.

Bow Dream Flower Girl's Dress Vintage Lace Off White: Best Flower Girl Dresses

Bow Dream Flower Girl's Dress Vintage Lace Off White

Since boho-inspired weddings are in high demand, so is the need for a great boho flower girl dress. This is a beautiful boho dress for flower girls and what we love about it is that it is perfect for flower girls aged three to eight and even more. It has a simple, high-quality lace with a soft 100% cotton underlay.​

This is a vintage dress that is picture-perfect, and it works so well for outdoor weddings. You will love your little girls parading comfortably in a dress that is light enough for them to run around and enjoy the rest of your wedding rather than have difficulty moving in a heavy ballgown. The dress has two skirt layers, and the hem is finished lace adding quite a charming appeal to the dress. It is also a versatile dress since they can wear the dress casually too.

Helen Baby Princess Bridesmaid Flower Girls Dress: Best Flower Girl Dresses

Helen Baby Princess Bridesmaid Flower Girls Dress

If you are looking for a more formal princess dress, then this is the perfect choice for you. Actually, Helen Baby Flower girl dresses have different styles they offer. We mainly find this floor-length flower girl dress style appealing since it is a beautiful princess ballgown for your little girls.​

The bodice is topped with a beautiful flower pattern applique over cotton underlay. The sleeves use a see-through soft mesh with bold white applique that makes it gorgeous. The skirt has layers or sash and tulle. However, to get the poofy effect, you need to put on a slip under the skirt for a beautiful princess-y feel for the little ones. They are custom-fitted, so the dresses will surely fit the measurements of your flower girls. You can choose other designs as well, and all of them are lovely.

Shiny Toddler Embroidered Beaded Flower Girl Dress: Best Flower Girl Dresses

Shiny Toddler Embroidered Beaded Flower Girl Dress

This is another longer flower girl dress that we love. It is made of high-quality soft organza. Don't worry; the outer layer organza is pretty soft and flowy, so it's not stiff at all making those flower girl dresses look like they're wearing frozen paper. We love the dress because it comes with a soft metal ring petticoat that you can remove yourself.​

The dress has beautiful layers of organza on the skirt with gorgeous floral embroidery, beautifully decorating the entire dress both front and back. We also love the flower belt brooch which is also made of organza. You have more than ten colors to choose from so no matter what color your wedding theme is, you will surely find a matching color for your flower girls' dresses.

Flower girl dresses are just as important as bridesmaids dresses. Every flower girl is a valuable part of your wedding, and even if they do just scatter petals for you to walk on, your little girls see it as a valuable role. Picking out the perfect one from our list of best flower girl dresses will just as well add lots of confidence to them.