5 Best Honeymoon Luggage Tags

5 Best Honeymoon Luggage Tags

One of the most fun things to do once you get married is to flaunt it! Couples often love going around wearing matching clothes, matching colors and matching of almost everything they have. Sometimes, we just want that pure luxury of showing off our new civil status. So, even as we travel, we get cute Mr. and Mrs. Luggage Tags. Why? Because you're newly married makes this the perfect reason. And here is where our list of best honeymoon luggage tags comes in handy.

One thing that we happen to know is that honeymoon luggage tags are quite easy to find, but most are just cheaply made and unappealing. If you want to travel in style, then better stick around because we have great ideas for the best honeymoon luggage tags.

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    Leather Mr. and Mrs. Tags for Luggage. We often see luggage tags made of plastic which easily wears out, and it can also get ugly and moldy once exposed to different types of weather. Leather, on the other hand, is a pretty sturdy material and what's great about leather wedding luggage tags is that they have cute engravings and brands that make the honeymoon luggage tags even more appealing.
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    Vintage Luggage Tags. Vintage will never go out of style; it will and always remain a great trend. Old leather, typewritten dog tags, and other vintage style luggage tags are some of the best honeymoon luggage tags to keep with our bags. In fact, you'll see that most of them come with cute quotes and engravings.
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    Personalized Luggage Tags. Sometimes, we have the habit of labeling our luggage in bold, especially when traveling abroad. Well, we don't have to do that much if we have personalized luggage tags with our newlywed names in it. As a happy newlywed couple, we can't help but be proud to be called Mr. and Mrs., right?

If you're in a hurry and you just can't seem to choose lovely honeymoon luggage tags in stores, it's so much easier just to pick out the best, the cutest, and the most stylish wedding luggage tags Amazon can offer. Here are some great choices fof the best honeymoon luggage tags for you.

The Bride & The Groom Wedding Honeymoon Luggage Tags

The Bride & The Groom Wedding Honeymoon Luggage Tags

Simple yet adorable. This wedding honeymoon luggage tag set comes in three items: one for the groom, and two for the brides. Well, it's the truth! Women do often bring more bags and stuff to the point that we over pack.​

To begin with, this just married luggage tags for honeymoon are faux leather with a clear plastic window on the other side. In addition, the tag has a paper ID that contains the typical name and contact information slots to fill in. We do love the tags since they're pretty simple, cute and really a fun way to start the honeymoon trip. We also like that the straps use a metal buckle instead of the usual snaps that easily come off. This way, you'll never get your luggage mixed up with someone else's.

Carbon Mr. & Mrs. Luggage Tag Package - Honeymoon Gift: Best Honeymoon Luggage Tags

Carbon Mr. & Mrs. Luggage Tag Package - Honeymoon Gift

If you're looking for a nice and cute wedding luggage tag for your bags, then this is one stylish pair that you will adore. These decorative Mr. and Mrs. Luggage tags are not just gorgeous,  they are quite sturdy too. We love that it is high-quality plastic and the design is not just pure stickers that would eventually shed off.

The design is cute, and it's quite easy to spot a mile away as it falls into the airport carousel. We also like just how beautiful the cursive Mr. and Mrs. labels look and the tags come with a removable ID card at the back. The tag secures the ID card which makes it durable and has a better lifespan against the weather. We're sure you will love the removable and adjustable straps too. Another thing, it comes with a high quality clear plastic bag that is great for traveling where you can put your basic toiletries.

Inventive Travelware Mr & Mrs Right Luggage Tag Gift Set: Best Honeymoon Luggage Tags

Inventive Travelware Mr & Mrs Right Luggage Tag Gift Set

We've seen this pretty often on shirts and other pictures around on social media, but it just suddenly feels hilarious yet adorable to have it as our own. The Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right honeymoon luggage tags are acrylic. In addition, you will love that the tags are bright and bold and very easy to spot.

The acrylic tags have removable ID cards for you to put in your information. You can also fit your business card if you're feeling lazy to put in your details on the cards. Unfortunately, though, the tag straps are simple cords that you need to remove and loop around your luggage and your tag. Even so, you can easily get a strap for it anytime you want.

Amscan Just Married Luggage Tags: Best Honeymoon Luggage Tags

Amscan Just Married Luggage Tags

Some of the things we dislike about buying Mr. and Mrs. Luggage tags are the hassle, the time, and the quality. We often find cheap and low-quality Bride and Groom Luggage Tags in shops, but we barely get any good choices. We happen to see these beautiful luggage tags for bride and groom that are affordable and are high quality.

The tags and straps are made of faux leather. The straps use metal buckles, so it's pretty easy to attach the tags on the luggage properly. We also enjoy the silver engravings, and we love just how vibrant the silver is. It shimmers and doesn't look like the dull grayish color we find around. Moreover, it has the typical ID card in a clear window at the back.

Inventive Travelware Monsieur & Madame Luggage Tag Set: Best Honeymoon Luggage Tags

Inventive Travelware Monsieur & Madame Luggage Tag Set

We usually find the ordinary bride and groom luggage tags or the Mr. and Mrs. luggage tags, but you will love this pair if you're looking for the unique honeymoon luggage tag labels—Monsieur and Madame. The tags are top-quality acrylic and are quite durable too.​

They're very simple full-color black for the groom and pink for the bride. Moreover, you will love that the solid colors are quite vibrant making it an easy attraction for your luggage, so you're sure that your luggage along with your other stuff won't be lost. The tags use a vinyl loop to strap it on your luggage. This is a cute gift to give for a bridal shower too, don't you think?

To conclude, the best honeymoon luggage tags aren't really required for newlyweds to have and own. However, the tags are a great bonding items that label you both as a happy newlywed couple. Besides, you will love the choice we've made because we only chose the best quality. Indeed, these Mr. and Mrs. wedding luggage tags Amazon has in store.

So as you pack your honeymoon lingerie and getting set to go, you'll know that identifying your belongings at the airport luggage carousels will be a snap. By the way, don't forget your honeymoon swimsuits!