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About Favors Bridal

Favors Bridal Revealed When We Lose An "N"

Dropping a single letter “n” is the luckiest thing to happen to us in 2017! We’re now www.favorsbridal.com. FAVORS BRIDAL. Offering amazing wedding things that you love. Simple  and easy to remember.

Wedding Things Growing in The Pruneyard

The quaint Pruneyard Shopping Center was our roots. The charming City of Campbell, California lies nestled in the midst of the acclaimed Silicon Valley. The center's vintage gazebo was a gem, and so was Jardin de Parfum.

The unique French-inspired perfume boutique started in 1986. Customers loved our rare perfumes, Italian themed favors, and wedding keepsakes. They considered our porcelain favors and hand-decorated cake ceremony sets valuable collectibles.

The Pruneyard also has Trudy's Brides, a popular Bay Area bridal salon. It was a few doors away from us. This nearness brought in many brides because visits at Trudy’s often included dropping in our store. The brides bought hand-made favors and bridesmaids gifts. And they ordered special reception table centerpieces. In fact, Trudy’s Brides is still there. Drop by to try on their beautiful wedding gowns.

Feeling the Love of Customers and Wedding Pros

And so we grew. There was no Facebook, no Twitter at that time. Besides that, mobile phones had limited reach and few features. But somehow the gracious brides and wedding pros spread the good news about our wedding things. More customers dropped in. In the beginning, they invited us to their weddings and anniversaries. Later came invitations to baby showers, baptisms, and graduation parties.  Of course, we attended whenever we could. Indeed, those were extra sweet times.

Then it was on to e-commerce. The perfume shop became Favors n Bridal. It was the source of a fuller supply of wedding items. This time, we expanded the product mix. We added name-brand wedding stationery. Hand-painted Bottoms Up toasting glasses followed. Bridal shower wine glass gifts also showed up. Offers were plenty, but not quite enough. Brides wanted more. With this in mind, we set out to find the largest provider of bridal goods. Not only did we look at Amazon options, we also took steps to trim our website URL. Eventually, we became FAVORS BRIDAL. We left an "n" behind but moved forward with more wedding things at greater savings.

Joining the Amazon Affiliate Program

Now, Favors Bridal is full of wedding things to love. You’ll find inexpensive party favors and personalized bridesmaid gifts. You'll also find discounted wedding invitation ensembles from Birchcraft Invitations. In addition, there are lots of exotic honeymoon lingerie, stunning wedding shoes, and fancy Sweet 16 dresses. Make sure to check out the practical Amazon gift cards and versatile anniversary presents. Look at the ethical wedding ring sets. Yes, we mean conflict-free diamond engagement rings! Why not? Everything wedding is made possible nowadays.

To conclude, it is www.favorsbridal.com from here on. You’ll see the fullest selections of wedding things and enjoy the best prices. Save your time and conserve your energy. Getting married is a serious commitment. But it is important to start the road to wedded bliss with fun, not stress. Therefore, easy planning is a must. That includes enjoyable shopping for your wedding. All things considered, buying from us online is the best. Therefore, it is sensible to go right ahead and shop to your heart's delight!

Disclaimer Amazon Associates Program

FavorsBridal.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.

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