Cash Wedding Gift: Is It Appropriate?

cash wedding gift reception card holder

Cash Wedding Gift Is the Ultimate

As times change, so should the wedding gifts. Many people now consider hard cash the best present for a couple. It is an ultimate gift from the stand point of both the giver and the receiver. There is no need to buy it from a specific store. And it is easy to wrap by placing it in a beautiful envelope. In a snap, your cash wedding gift is ready to go. It is neat and convenient.

Monetary gifts are considered proper and acceptable in different parts of the world, as well as among different cultures. The extra money is helpful in starting the couple’s married life together.

Money Wedding Gifts Are Customary

It is customary to present cash wedding gifts in Asian countries like Korea, China, and the Philippines.

Money gifts come in the form of cash envelopes in Korea and China. In a Korean wedding, the guests gift the parents of the couple with envelopes of money. These will, in turn, be in the hands of the newlyweds. In a Chinese wedding, the bride is given money in a red envelope for a lucky start to her new life. Of course, this is good fortune to the groom as well.

In the Philippines, the money dance is fun all around. There is much excited anticipation. At the start, the males line up in front of the bride. They pin cash on her wedding dress or bridal veil. Dancing with the bride follows. Females also line up to dance with the groom, pinning money on his wedding attire. This dance signifies good fortune “raining” on the newlyweds. The cash is also a boost as the pair begin their life together.

Practical Cash Wedding Gift Is Best Option

Here in the U.S., if you want an appropriate wedding present, then a monetary gift would be the best option. It is practical and welcomed. Some guests consider it rude for a couple to ask for money or charitable donations on their invitations or save-the-dates. They feel that any indication of a gift requirement is tacky. So some couples shy away from even the slightest hint that cash is welcomed.

But modern times inspire modern thinking. More and more guests now realize a couple’s wedding expenses could take up quite a few paychecks. So giving money towards a honeymoon is appealing. Donating to a favorite cause is better than a second (or third!) kitchen appliance. Today, dwellings are smaller. There’s no room to store unused household items. Furthermore, there’s no time to chase dust mites!.

Give Checks, Cash or Amazon Gift Cards

In conclusion, a cash wedding gift is appropriate! Dollars, checks, or an ​Amazon eGift Card may be the most appreciated and useful presents. Why hesitate when you think your friends can use these to better their lives? Whether it is marked for a Tahoe honeymoon, a new car, or the arrival of a new baby, your gift will be beneficial. The next time you see a decorated money box at a wedding reception, don’t pay attention to the etiquette police. Just drop your gift in!