11 Best Bridal Shower Games

11 Best Bridal Shower Games

Your friend or sister is lined up to get married and it's a must that you throw her the Best Bridal Shower to welcome her to the life of a wedded couple. Of course, a bridal shower will never be complete without games to liven up the party. Games can be quite cliché but you'd rather have the guest of honor playing around and having fun rather than just simply having drinks and spend the evening in a dull soiree.

Here are things to remember before you start the games:

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    Suprise or planned bridal shower. Surprise bridal showers mean you have total control over the party. You can plan a bridal shower with the guest of honor, you can ask which games she'd prefer and add in a few surprises without her knowing. You can also help the bride-to-be plan a wedding.
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    Know the number of guests. You don't want to invite someone who isn't invited to the wedding, so getting your guest of honor's guest list is a helpful tip.
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    Set a theme. Set games based on the theme. Should it be a formal bridal shower, you'd need to plan for a little less rowdy set of games but fun nonetheless.
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    Select a host. If you're not so good with speaking in front of people, let someone do the hosting. In fact, plan the games with that person.
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    Prepare the Prizes. Prepare mini prizes like small tokens or even small coffee shop gift certificates.

Here are some fun games made for different types of bridal showers:


Couple's Roast

Co-ed or Mixed Bachelor and Bridal Shower Game

Gist: Getting the groom and bride's peers to know and mingle

What's Needed: Pen and small pieces of paper

How: Get an equal number of men and women to participate. Let the women write their names on pieces of paper and get the men to pick out a paper with the women's names as their partner. Fill a jar with themes (how we met, our first argument, our first baby when we grow old together) and have the pair pick out a theme and do their best interpretation of the couple in these situations. The best or the most interesting couple's roast of each of these events would be the winners.


Couple's Jenga

Bridal Shower Game for all types of Casual Bridal Showers

Gist: Jenga played by pairs

What's Needed: Jenga, something to tie hands with

How: Tie a couple or a pair's hands together with their palms facing each other while playing Jenga. This is a great game for smaller groups.


Wedding Trivia

Bridal Shower Game for Large Groups

Gist: See who knows the couple best

What's Needed: Interview the bride and the groom and make a series of questions like where did they meet, when did they meet, etc. Set up four areas and label them A, B, C, and D.

How: This is a game show type of bridal shower game. Ask a question with four choices (A, B, C, and D). Give the crowd 5 seconds to run to the right answer. Those who get the answers wrong are eliminated. The last one standing is the winner.


Two Truths, One Lie

Bridal Shower Game for Small Groups

What's Needed: No requirements needed

How: Get the group together and get them to tell two truths and one lie in relation to the guest of honor. The one with the most right answers is obviously the winner.


Bridal or Couple's Timeline

What's Needed: Print out pictures of the bride or the bride with the groom in important events of their lives and relationship.

How: Divide the guests into two teams (if it's a small group) and more (if it's a large group). Scatter the photos around the venue and just give them a clue as to how many there are and where they can be found. Once the group finds the pictures, have them arrange the photos in order by date.


Celebrity House Wives

Gist: Let the guests mingle with each other

What's Needed: Write names of celebrity wives in cards.

How: As guests enter, pin a card behind their back and have the guests guess which celebrity it is by asking the rest of the guests for clues like 'Angelina Jolie' and giving out clues like 'once married to Brad Pitt'.


Bridal Scavenger Hunt

scavenger hunt

Gist: Scavenger Hunt related to the couple

What's Needed: Prepare trinket's related to each couple

How: How: Get about 7-10 items that are closely related to the couple like a snowflake cut-out to signify that they met during winter. Write clues about where to find one item and another clue attached to the item to point to the next couple's trinket. It's a real scavenger's hunt totally revolving around the couple's relationship. The last hunt is actually the prize.


Let's Make a Baby​​​​

Gist: Visualize what the couple's first baby would look like

What's Needed: Print Various pictures of the bride and groom in different stages of their lives (when the bride or groom is 5 years old or when they were teens).

How: Group the guests into three or four and have a contest as to which group can make the best-looking baby. The guest of honor will be the one to judge.


He Said, She Said

he said she said

Gist: Just for the fun of it

What's Needed: Write down different situations and give out cards for the guests to fill up.

How: Let the guests know what the situations are like: 'What would the groom say if the bride is about to give birth?' Let them write down what the groom might say. Put all the papers into a bowl and randomly pick out a situation, let the guests read out the first thing that's on their list. The funnier the written comments are the better.


Jar of Hearts

Greatest Bridal Shower Game of all time

Gist: To Show how much the couple means to the guests

What's Needed: You can get a bucket list or a pretty jar and blank notes.

How: As the guests enter, have them fill up a note with wedding wishes for the bride and her groom and put it back in the jar. Before the party ends or while everyone is eating, have each guest step up to the podium and let them pick out a note or a card and read it out loud. It's a great way of showing love to the bride and the groom no matter who the card comes from.


Tweaked Purse Raid

Fun Large Group Bridal Shower Game

What's Needed: Divide the guests into three or four groups.

How: Instead of identifying which item they have to bring in front, say a description and the team will decide who will represent the team. When a representative is already in front, then that's when you say what item you need. Example: 'Bring someone with the longest!' The team will decide whether they should choose someone with the longest hair or the longest pair of legs. Once a representative for each team is ready, then complete the description, 'Bring someone with the longest nails'! And only the ones in front with the longest nails win it for the team. The more outrageous the descriptions are, the more fun it would be for everyone.

Bridal Showers are filled with people on both the bride and the groom’s side and most may actually not know each other. Although a game is not required, it's a great way of letting the guests mingle and it’s also a great ice breaker.